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fixed income

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Dentures Needed

I'm desperate for help. I am 55, totally disabled and use a wheelchair. I live on a fixed income that barely covers rent and food. All my teeth are gone. I'm in dire need of dentures on the top and on the bottom. It's near impossible to eat. I've lost over 100 pounds. I can't afford dental insurance or even payments. Is there help for me? I live in Hastings, MN.
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HELP! My home is literally falling.

I am a 69 year old widow trying to raise a teenage grandson on a fixed income. My husband left no insurance and little pension. Even with SS, to make it through the month without overdrafting is almost impossible. My problem is this: My home is falling apart. There is a gap of at least 4 inches, maybe 6 inches on the south end of my home. The floor is cracked through the entire house. I hear timbers splintering when it is quiet. I am afraid my home will fall in on us. BUT I cannot afford repair. I have asked my congressmen for some direction to no avail. Is there a way to get some help? I have never asked anyone for anything other than lower lunch rates for my grandchildren (I had guardianship of 2 grandchildren until this year). Is there any help out there? If someone has an answer, please advise me before my home is rubble. AND that won't be long. In MS we have extreme heat and extreme cold which causes the earth to heave thus causing foundation problems. PLEASE let me know if there is any help out there.
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Undeserved Favor  

Need assistance paying an eviction- apartment evicted after stating they would work with tenant... Tried to pay rent but attached a $700.00 attorney fee.

Disabled; in need of grant to help pay bills. Recently evicted because I became disabled and couldnot pay the rent for two months out of four without a job.
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I would like a home

Hi there I am 54 and dissabled and as everyone knows, I live on a very low fixed income. I was living out of state when dissaability stoped me in my tracks. After years of trying to survive I was unable to make ends meet so came to Idaho and moved in with my parents. You can imagine the inconvenience for all involved. I am wondering where to turn in getting a low interest loan for a place of my own with payments in my budget. Any suggestions? I would be very appreciative for any help. Thanks
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About mandy13

I am a single mother with one child. I get no help from the father. I am also on disability. It is very hard to make ends meet. I need help. I don't know what to do. I think about going back to school. But it would be very difficult physically. Then how would I make it to work. I just pray everyday that I would find a way to have more income.

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About Dreamer08

 how is everyone doing.i am in need of a home to live at cause a fire left me without story is a long one but ill try and keep it short.december 23rd of 2009 at treewood apartments in hillsboro that time i was living with this older lady and taking care of mom died back in 96 and she just was like my 2nd mom.she was 64 years old.i lived with her for 7 years.she has gotton down sick and just came back from the hospital a week before.her family decided to take care of her and that left me without a home.i live with her brother but he is very controling towards me and i hate it here.i dont do drugs or drink.and im a neat freak too.i must clean every week or im not happy.if you can help me at all ill deeply thank you for any thing at costs around 800.00 to move on and i just do not have that.see im on a fixed in come and i hardly get by.i know there are people that can help me at least i still believe.christopher
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About Brandym

I am from Alabama and I have been looking for help for my mother which is on a fixed income she has really bad teeth she is on medicade but has no dental insurance .I try to help the best I can but raising kids and makeing it myself is hard as well .I am devistated to see there is really no help for the '' fixed income americans'' that need dental work too.I am reaching out trying to find someone that might can help or have advise that will help .I hate to see her in pain all the time .

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polio my dad is 2 ashamed 2 ask 4 help

is there any resourses for polio/post polio survivors. for any kind of assistance?also is there any way to have credit card debt "forgiven" when you become disabled?? thank you

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About kay13

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PTSD Veteran needs dental

PTSD Veteran with major teeth problems. For over 20 years I have avoided seeing a dentist due to my PTSD symptoms/anxieties.  I have been in therapy (psychiatrists, psychologists and VA couselling) for many years for agorphobia and numerous major phobias.  With alot of work grocery shopping is possible for me to do.  I am new with computers and came across this sight while browsing the internet for PTSD related information.  I need a dentist asap...I am in pain both my lower and upper teeth have either holes or plaque built up.  In the past year I have lost three teeth and one molar is broken with pointy jagged roots protruding from the gum where the crown of the tooth used to be/I also wear a partial from a cleft palate repair was done on me in 1982 (partial falls down whenever my mouth opens more than about an inch wide.  I am in so much pain from eating or even when a gust of wind touches my teeth.  I have been afraid for many years of people and of being out of my bedroom.  I only get $895 a month from diability and am begging for financial help to pay for a dentist.  I went in and got a consultation and two root canals are needed to save my two front upper teeth; extractions; partial reconstruction to add the missing teeth on it.  If anybody can help...even just a alittle.  Please help
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On low fixed income as I am disabled but in Need small loan CAN YOU GIVE ME A CHANCE?

My girls and I are in need of some money and I am willing to accept a loan.  The immediate amount is that....IMMEDIATE need.  I need the money direly for the girls school supplies, clothes and to fix my car.  Can you make a loan to me?  I am disabled and we are on fixed low income but I am an honest person and will pay you back.  If you can loan it, contact me.  Please dont contact me with BS offers, only legit offers please, and no work at home BS either. 

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About Lioness424

I am needing help to relocate from Florida to Ohio to be with my terminally ill mother.  I am a widow on a fixed income.  I am not looking for a loan fom overseas! 

I will take any help I can get, maybe a volunteer who could load my belongings & drive them to Ohio, even a monetary donation would be appreciated.  I can eventually pay you back any money after I am settled in Ohio.  I do recieve DIC from the military but what with paying my current bills I don't have anything extra for the move & I don't know how long my mother has.  I am not asking for free money, just an HONEST caring person or persons who will help.


Thank You for listening,


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About mandmsmom


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About JudyinTexas

I am a 60 year old grandmother in Texas. Recently my disabled daughter and her two young sons (ages 5 months & 5 years) moved back home with my Husband and I, running away from an abusive marriage. My husband and I live on a fixed income set by social security. The return of my Adult daughter and her children have placed a great financial burden upon our living situation. My Husband and I have fallen a month behind on our rent and utility bills. As we are constantly now paying our rent late, we are paying even more money than our monthly rent due to exuberant late fees. We are facing the disconnection of all of our utility services. We have investigated local resources for help, but funding has been very strapped due to so many people also needing help.

If my Husband and I could just get caught up current on our rent and bills, This would be a miracle. I have taken a part time job caring for an elderly woman in her daughters home, but I myself am disabled with torn rotary cuffs in both of my shoulders, and some days feel as though I could use some one to care for with the extra income we are not able too make any headway.

We have always provided for ourselves, even while raising 5 children. Now in our senior years we find ourselves needing help, and our adult children choose to not help us, or really cant help us as they say. If there is a miracle out there for us, a months worth of help would be a blessing that we would never forget.

                                                         Angel 2

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Please Some Angel Help My Daughter and Son

Hi everyone. I'm not asking for much, anything will help. I have no money for Christmas and have a little girl who will not understand if there are no presents under the tree Christmas morning. She is 8 years old, but due to many mental issues she is only about 5 mentally. She loves barbies and play horses. My son is 17. He has told me he wants nothing this year except for his baby sister to have a nice Christmas. While this fills my heart with joy, it also makes me sad. He deserves something special too. He's a typical teenager with a huge heart. He loves art and music. Anything anyone could send to help my kids would be wonderful. A gift.... a wal-mart gift card.... ANYTHING. Please if you can help contact me and I will give you my contact information. Thank you for reading this and God Bless.

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About Torianasmommy2008

Hello and thank you so very much for taking the time & reading this post ! I am a single mother of a newborn daughter born 6-21-08 and i am in desperate need of help to provide her first Christmas, I am 27 and disabled and unable to work so i have a very limited income and with a rent and bills there just isn't money left from the month. I find myself sometimes crying some nights wondering why things have to be so hard, but i keep in mind that our  great lord above wouldn't put anything on me that i would not be able to handle. I am from a very small town called chillicothe Ohio and the resources are not very good. If there is anyone that might be able to help me please let me know.

                   My info: Tiffany Bowling

                   Home phone: 740- 851-4890


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About mt-pockets

a small bag that is sewed or inserted in a garment so that it is open at the top or sidelacking contents that could or should be present.If you can spare some loose change and would like to help fill my mt-pockets.your Donation gift can be made through my Paypal email account address at( thank you for your time and charity. God bless you and the great spirit guide your

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struggling dad of the ville  

About struggling dad of the ville

I am a single parent of two preemie children who is having trouble getting funds despite working and trying to support my dream. The bills keep piling up and I need any help with money for rent and utilities that I can get.
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need help i need a car mom is handicapped

my mom and i are handicapped and are car broke down she and i are having to take a bus or walk to places and we are on restrictions for walking please help us out thx mat and carol simon

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grams Grandmas love for my grandchildren

I was in a lot of foster homes myself growing up along with my other siblings. All 8 of us were put in Shawn Acres orphanage in Dayton Ohio.Thats why i realy need a government grant to get my own home, I dont want my grandchildren to go through the same thing i did.
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